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admin 26/07/2018

When we think of assets, there come so many thoughts to head. An asset is not only an economic resource but also is the backbone of any family. Anything that represents the value of ownership and can be converted into cash can be considered as an asset. From a book to a gold chain everything can be considered as assets. In fact, Cash itself is a great asset. When a man has plenty of assets he is relaxed from the burden of unexpected financial pressures. Conclusively the amount of assets one has is directly proportional to his financial liberty. Out of the rest, one of the most important assets is Land.

A property is a major asset that can be relied on during hard times. It acts as a support to not only the owner but also the entire family. It is also never sold then a house can be built which can be a shelter to the family. Ultimately a property is one of those rare assets which can help one get out of difficult phases. But owning a property is not that easy. Especially when you plan to buy it in places like Lahore. Pakistan house prices are way too high for a normal citizen.

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places to reside in the whole world. Enchanting scenarios, beautiful places, and breathtaking sites blows one’s mind and makes them fall for the nation. But as always, beauty comes with its price. A home in Pakistan may be the dream of many nature lovers but one cannot deny that such dreams are not meant to be true. Pakistan house prices make one give up the wish to own his place at the elegant nation. Reduced prices of such homes will not be less than any god’s blessing for any Pakistani.

Presenting i.e. Pakistan’s first advance property portal that provides a platform for property buyers and sellers to locate properties of interest and source information on the real estate in a transparent, clear and unambiguous manner. With Google map integration, we connect buyers with sellers across the country. We are not limited to houses. We also deal with agricultural lands, commercial plazas, and shops etc. We make sure that you get your desired property at the least cost. Our ambition is to make Pakistan house prices affordable so that one can happily invest in his desired property.

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admin 20/07/2018

Everyone desires to have a roof on their head. A place which is not lent but owned is a dream in everyone’s heart. But most of such dreams remain unfulfilled forever due to reasons like heavy prices. And when it comes to buying a place at Lahore, we just give up hope. News like Pakistan Lahore property for sale tickles everyone but no one dares to think of buying a property due to unbeatable prices.

Lahore is the most beautiful city in the nation and is the second populated city of Pakistan after Karachi. It may be second in population but when it comes to popularity then no place can beat the elegance of Lahore. The land is filled with exotic locations and this is one of those millions of reasons why the city is the capital of the beautiful nation called Pakistan. Travel spots like Sheesh Mahal, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, and Shalimar Gardens are one of those many reasons why one gets beautifully trapped in the city. Beautiful places, modern lifestyle, and peaceful life- Lahore got all the reasons to be the heart of Pakistan. Thus Pakistan Lahore property for sale is not less than a lottery ticket for numerous Pakistanis. is trustworthy and is considered the most popular property lending site in Pakistan. Its helpful services and customer friendly attitude has made it the most searched property lending company in Pakistan. Its properties near Islamabad and Lahore are especially are the most loved ones due to their affordability. And it has made an offer you cannot refuse.

Pakistan Lahore property for sale at lowest rates. Most affordable rates brought to you by Now buying your dream home in Lahore is not a fantasy anymore. Jagreerdar brings to you the best Lahore properties at uncomparably fewer prices. Pinch yourself! It’s real. So what are you waiting for?  Contact us before someone else grabs the chance. Live your dream in the city of Lahore i.e. the heart of Pakistan. It’s time to make your home sweet home at your desired location with

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