Common mistakes to avoid while investing in property in Pakistan

admin 02/06/2018

Property investment in Pakistan is a great deal of business and you can get a good financial repository based on it. If you want to venture into property investment, now is a good time to do so. However, you need to be careful about it or you might end up with a little in your hand and a lot of debts on your head. There are some mistakes that both first-timers as well as seasoned professionals commit.

Here are some common negotiating mistakes several property investors commit.


Too much talk: If you talk a lot while negotiating a deal with the seller, there are more chances of committing a mistake. Let the ball stay for a longer time on the other side of the court. This will help you buy some time and understand the loopholes or flaws in the property. That is when you can bargain the best possible deal. Try to talk only what is necessary and let the seller speak.

Low offers: Some investors wish to play low by making an offer too low. This is a tempting step to get the piece of land you are eyeing for. But, it has serious repercussions. When you play a deal way too low, you risk hampering the relation with the seller. A mistrust means you might never listen from the seller ever again. It is better to do a proper market research before handing out offers. Also, keep some room for negotiation.

Give it some time: When it comes to property investment in Pakistan, most investors over-do the follow-up process. While it may look like a great way to keep your offer in the minds of the seller, it will surely backfire. Give it some time and then go through your follow-up.

These are some common property investment mistakes in Pakistan. In case you are interested in investing in the green pastures of Pakistan, make sure you don’t commit these mistakes like the ones before. Negotiating is one of the most important steps in property investment in Pakistan and elsewhere. Make sure you get the basics right before plunging into it.

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