Gulberg Dedicated Grid Station to be set up by LESCO

RealEstate Agent 23/01/2018

Lahore: The LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) decided to construct a grid station for Gulberg to meet the power supply needs, as seen on a news source.

For this grid station, LESCO has asked for 10 kanals of land.

For this request, Lahore’s deputy commisioner has sent an application requesting the authorities concerned to transfer land to the Lahore Electric Supply Company for the grid station construction to begin right away.

The demand for power supply has lately increased, due to increased commercialisation in Gulberg. At the moment, the commercial hub gets power supply from grid stations in Garden Town and Rehman Park and these grid stations cannot bear anymore to meet the electricity needs of Gulberg.

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is an electric distribution company which supplies electricity to LahorePunjabPakistan.


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Project Safe City Quetta Approved

RealEstate Agent 23/01/2018


Quetta: Abdul Qudooss Bizenjo – Balochistan Chief Minister (CM) has approved the Quetta Safe City project, as seen on a news source.

The Chief Minister also instructed the company involved in the project to begin working on it right away without loosing time.

Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo also told the media that work on the project will start in a few days.

The project was proposed back in 2013 and it couldn’t be completed due to various reasons.

Close Circuit Cameras and Scanners through the city will improve security conditions in the city

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Amnesty for Bani Gala, proposal to be shared with SC by CDA

RealEstate Agent 23/01/2018

Islamabad: The CDA (Capital Development Authority) is looking to regularise the constructed units in Bani Gala through an amnesty scheme, as seen on a news source.

Withing this week the proposal will be presented to the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan.

The decision was taken during a meeting, however the ban on new construction will stay.


The Supreme Court of Pakistan took a suo motu action last year on haphazard construction activities reported in Bani Gala.

The Capital Development Authority will propose this amnesty scheme before the court in the next hearing session, during this week.

Capital Development Authority (CDA)

(Urduدارالحکومت ترقی اختیار‎, abbreviated as CDA), is a public benefit corporation responsible for providing municipal services in Islamabad Capital Territory. The CDA was established on 14 June 1960 by executive order entitled Pakistan Capital Regulation. As of 2016, most of CDA’s municipal services and departments have been transferred to the newly created Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation, although CDA is still in charge of estate management, project execution and sector developments.


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Medical Tourism to be introduced to DHA City

RealEstate Agent 22/01/2018


Karachi: The DHA City (Defence Housing Authority) Karachi is to introduce medical tourism to notch up the health facilities for the upcoming development, as seen on a news source.

Project Director of DHA Brig (R) Muhammad Rafique was addressing a meeting attended by representatives from Shaukat Khanum Hospital, IBA (Institute of Business Administration, Dow University, and Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan.

Muhammad Rafique said that DHA City, which is a sustainable development being built on a fast track basis, will have world-class facilities provided by Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and Dow University. In addition for the society to introduce medial tourism, the education sector will also be planned throughly. In this regard, Institute of Business Administration and Safa University are currently devising their plans.

Rafique also noted that the people looking to construct their houses in DHA City can choose designs on the Design Studio, get it approved from the society, and start construction of their respective units.

DHA City

DHA City Karachi (not be confused with DHA City Lahore) is an under-construction gated mixed-use development in Gadap Town in the outskirts of KarachiSindhPakistan.[2]The project spans over 20,000[3] acres and is planned to accommodate up-to 250,000 people.[4]

Located 56 kilometers from Karachi, the community is planned to be self-dependent for water and electricity. The construction started in 2010, with master plan incorporating two theme parks, IBA CampusShaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research CenterDOW Medical University Campus, state-of-the-art Liver Transplant Centre, 20 high school’s and 40 schools.



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Faisalabad International Airport will be inaugurated on January 20

RealEstate Agent 22/01/2018


The expansion work by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority is completed and the new building will be inaugurated on January 20, as seen on a news source.

Airport building area has been increased from 132 Marla (36,000 ft^2) to about 268 Marla (73,000 ft^2), allowing space for 200 passengers for domestic flights and about 400 passengers for international flights. Also, four counters have been installed for domestic passengers and 12 for flying abroad.

The airport facility has high technology CCTV cameras, fire alarm system and fire hydrants.

Furthermore, a modern display system to show flight schedules has been installed. Besides, other features include services like Alfa Taxiway on the runway, two boarding bridges for the passengers and a Fokker apron.

Faisalabad International Airport

Fasisalabad Interntional Airport is an international airport and standby PAF (Pakistan Air Force) military base situated on Jhang Road, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south west from the city centre of Faisalabad, in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

It serves the population of Faisalabad and several local cities such as Tandlianwala, Kamalia, Jaranwala, Jhang, Chiniot, Gojra, Dijkot, Samundri, Khurrianwala, Sangla Hill, Toba Tek Singh, Chenab Nagar, Sargodha, Bhawana, Pir Mahal, Chak Jhumra, Khichian, Jahangir Klan and Lalian. With a large diaspora of Faisalabadis living abroad, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has signed a new open policy to allow more airlines to operate from the city.

Airport is home to two flying schools who use the airfield for regular training for new cadets and aviation enthusiasts.

Influx of international airlines operating the airport, the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries have disclosed a new international airport is to be built near the motorway.

With a new open policy agreement with the UAE (United Arab Emirates) it is expected that the airport will handle more traffic in the future.



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Crackdown against illegal housing societies in Khyber Pakhtunkwa, orders issued.

RealEstate Agent 21/01/2018

Peshawar: The Secretary of the Local Government and Rural Development Khyber Pakhtunkhwa –  Syed Jamal Uddin Shah has instructed the TMA (Town Municipal Authorities) to launch a crackdown against illegal housing societies throughout the province, as seen on a news source. The move has been taken on the orders of the Chief Secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) – Azam Khan.

The performance of the TMAs in the last two months was assessed during a meeting presided by Shah and attended by representatives of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Town Municipal Authorities.

The Local Government and Rural Development Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Secretary Syed Jamal Uddin Shah has also ordered moving fruit markets, vegetable markets and bus stations outside the city limits.

The meeting decided to speed up the drive against encroachment and ensure cleanliness within respective juridictions of all Town Municipal Authorities (TMAs)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (abbreviated as KPUrduخیبر پختونخوا‎; Pashtoخیبر پښتونخوا‎)[1] is one of the four administrative provinces of Pakistan, located in the northwestern region of the country along the international border with Afghanistan. It was previously known as the North-West Frontier Province(NWFP) until 2010, and is known colloquially by various other names. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the third-largest province of Pakistan by the size of both population and economy though it is geographically the smallest of four.[3] It comprises 10.5% of Pakistan’s economy, and is home to 11.9% of Pakistan’s total population, with the majority of the province’s inhabitants being PashtunsHazarewalChitrali, and Kohistanis.


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RealEstate Agent 19/01/2018

The RDA filed 71 cases of illegal constructions in commercial units against property owners, as seen on a news source.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority is determined to carry out the drive without interruptions. The RDA also approved PoP (Permission of Planning) for 5 housing societies and layout plan of one. Last year, the RDA received 440 applications for approval, out of which 258 were passed, while only 5 were approved.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority is determined that it will not allow marketing for any project which hasn’t been approved and will take legal actions against people involved.

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15 days deadline to Illegal constructions in Murree

RealEstate Agent 19/01/2018

Regarding the illegal construction activities in Murree, the SCP headed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan – Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has given a 2 week deadline to straighten out matters, as seen on a news source.

There were orders given earlier to make an announcement for demolishing the illegal structures, the lawyer of the state told that the announcments were made and 125 people who were involved in illegal construction were informed. Also 35 buildings were demolished.


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9 Tips for StagingYour Home to Sell

RealEstate Agent 07/01/2018

So you’re thinking of selling your home, and you want it to be presented in its best possible light to potential buyers.  You’ve probably heard this before, but the way you live when your house is for sale is NOT the way you normally live.  I mean, who do you know that has zero appliances on their kitchen counter?  Or absolutely nothing on their bathroom counters except for a stack of perfectly rolled up hand towels and a basket of twigs and berries?  Unless you’re friends with a professional decorator, the answer is NO ONE.  Staging your home to sell is for one purpose and one purpose only – to make it sell!

You don’t have to hire a professional home stager and buy all new furniture to get the look buyers love.  I’m going to go beyond the obvious tips about staging your home to sell that you’ve all heard before – clean like a crazy person, pack up half of your clothes to make the closets look bigger, put away all the knick knacks and clutter, clean off the counters, and stick any extra pieces of furniture that make your rooms look small out in the garage or in storage.  Don’t put furniture in front of doors that lead out to the back yard or deck.  This drives me crazy when I’m showing homes!  How can we go see your screened porch if we can’t get out there?!

So without further ado, here are nine small details when staging your home to sell that have a great impact with minimal effort and/or money.

#1 – Let the sunlight in

Sunny rooms with lots of light – that’s what buyers love to see.  Pack up your heavy, ornate draperies.  Blinds or plantation shutters are great if they’re clean, but open them before showings.  Sheer curtains are fine since they don’t block light.

The downside?  Now you have to clean your windows.  Sorry.

#2 – Make your bathroom look like a hotel

With the linens, that is.  Sparkling clean white towels make the bathroom look like a spa or luxury hotel.  Buy a set on sale and put them out before showings, then put them away again afterwards.  Don’t use them!  They are for show only.  I’ve seen people tie a lovely ribbon around the center of the towels as they’re hanging and this little decorative touch is really nice.

A new white shower curtain and bathmat are fabulous too.  All this white screams clean, and what better word to describe a bathroom?

#3 – Turn the lights on – every single one of ’em!

Here’s a great tip on figuring out how much light your rooms need.  Length of the room x width of the room x 1.5 = the wattage necessary to make a room bright enough.  So a 12′ x15′ room needs 270 watts of light.  I typically have one or two lights with a 60 watt bulb in any given room.  If I’m lucky there’s a ceiling fan in the room that holds 3 bulbs.  That’s still only 180 watts!  So I’m guilty of not using enough lamps in my own house.  Do as I say, not as I do.

If after opening all your blinds and cleaning your windows and turning on the lights your room is STILL dark?  Run on over to Goodwill or Target and buy a few inexpensive lamps.  If a buyer walks into your family room and it feels dark and gloomy, they’ll hate it.  Please trust me on this – I show homes every day and I hear their feedback.  Dark = dreary, depressing, sad.  This is not the impression you want to give buyers.  You are staging your home to sell, not to save a few bucks on your electric bill.

#4 – Give the kitchen and/or bathroom a facelift

Yes, buyers love granite counters above all else.  Better than Corian or Silestone, better than tile, way better than laminate.  But if your kitchen doesn’t have granite, you don’t need to remodel it now.  Although I’m dying to try a faux granite treatment sometime!  I’ve never seen it done in real life though so I have no idea if it really looks good or if it’s durable.  But if you’re crafty and you know how to paint, wouldn’t this DIY faux granite makeover be cool?

Faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet knobs make a HUGE difference.  Brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze are the two go-to colors right now.

For example, here is my master bathroom before and after.  We bought our house and it was pretty dated.  It was build in 1996 and boy, did everyone know it!  The bathroom walls were electric blue, which I absolutely hated, along with builder grade brass lights and faucets, and the giant plate glass mirror.  So before we moved in we gave it a makeover.  We painted the walls and the cabinets too!  Light gray on the walls and a dark gray on the cabinets.  (Gray is the new beige, after all.)  New towel bars, faucets, lights, and we removed the cabinet hardware.  Last but not least we replaced the giant mirror with two individual framed mirrors that I got on sale for $29 each at Lowe’s.

This took us about three days, mostly due to waiting for paint to dry.  Luckily my husband is very handy and we were able to do it all ourselves (meaning he did all the hard stuff and I handed him tools.)


Here is the before.  So awful…



And here is the after!  I’m thinking of adding brushed nickel hardware to the cabinets but haven’t decided for sure yet.


The total was right around $550.  It’s not a total remodel but it’s a major facelift and now it looks modern, clean, and of this decade.


#5 – Replace family photos with art or mirrors

Neutral wall art (aka the stuff you buy at Kirkland’s or TJ Maxx) is inexpensive and unoffensive (no nudes please, no matter how artistic or expensive.)  While family photos are homey and welcoming, the goal is to make the buyers visualize themselves living there.  If all they see are photos of YOUR family and YOUR vacations and YOUR child’s graduation, it makes it harder for them to picture themselves there.  Remember, you’re staging your home to sell so you need to make it look up to date, welcoming, warm, and inviting without making it feel like it’s so you that no one else would ever be comfortable there.

Mirrors also give extra light to a room so instead of a giant family photo in the living room, try hanging a mirror instead. If it’s across from a window or lamp it should also illuminate the room that much more.

#6 – Add some sparkle

It’s easy to update a home and make it look more modern and luxurious as well simply by throwing in some metallic accents.  A dish on a hall table, throw pillows, silver chargers on the dining room table… metallics are neutrals with oomph.

#7 – Ditch the rugs

Hardwood floors are a major selling point for the majority of buyers.  I’ve had numerous buyers refuse to make an offer on a house that had carpet throughout the main living area.  So if you have wood floors, show them off!  A stained rug not only looks bad, it can also trap odors.  If you have dogs or cats that rug might also smell like them, which is not a good thing.  If your floors are in good condition, show them off by putting the rugs in storage.

#8 – Set the temperature

This may seem silly but having the house be a comfortable temperature is a huge deal that no one ever really thinks about.  I live in Georgia.  It’s 95 degrees and 1000% humidity at 10 am at least 6 months of the year.  If my clients and I walk into a house that’s overly hot and stuffy, it’s miserable.  And in the winter if it’s raining and 38 degrees out, walking into a house that’s 65 degrees does not a welcoming impression make!

If you normally turn down the thermostat to save energy and turn off the lights to save on your power bill, more power to ya.  I get it and I agree with you – when you are not staging your home to sell!  Hopefully your home will only be on the market a few weeks (and in a hot seller’s market like we’re in now in the Atlanta metro area it might only be a few days!)  So resign yourself to increasing your power bill for a month.  Then when you move to your new home you can go back to your energy-efficient ways.

#9 – Rearrange your furniture

Ever noticed how on TV or in decorating catalogs the pieces are always floating in the room?  They’re not pushed up against the wall.  Try pulling your couch and loveseat away from the walls and have them face each other with the coffee table in between them.  Angle chairs to face the conversation area rather than the TV.  A quick search on Pinterest for “how to arrange furniture” will give you tons of examples.

Again, staging your home to sell doesn’t mean it’s going to be terribly comfortable or convenient for you, the homeowner, in the meantime.  But making it look clean, contemporary, filled with sunlight, spacious, and welcoming means your home will appeal to buyers and THAT, my friends, is what it’s all about!


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Understanding Solar Power When Selling or Buying a Home

RealEstate Agent 05/01/2018

Do Solar Panels Increase a Homes Value

An increasing number of homeowners are installing solar panels to save money. Better for the environment and capable of generating around half the electricity needed to run an average home, solar panels have obvious benefits. But when buying or selling a home, solar panels can add some complexity to the transaction.

As a buyer or a seller, you should be aware of both the benefits and problems related to solar panels as you enter the market to buy or sell. The more informed you are, the easier it will be to make decisions that are sound both over the short and long-term.

One question real estate agents often get is, do solar panels increase property value? As much as solar companies would like you to believe otherwise, this is not a yes or no answer. If you ask any solar power company, they will tell you without question that solar panels do increase a home’s value. Not so fast! The answer to this question depends on some factors including:

  • Whether the solar panels are leased or owned.
  • What part of the country you live in.
  • The type of home you own.
  • What the starting value of the home already happens to be. (Higher- priced homes tend to receive more value).
  • How much energy you will be saving.

Understanding solar power when selling or buying a home is not difficult, some of the nuances, however, may surprise you. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about solar powered homes.

The Benefits of Solar

There is no doubt that solar panels can be beneficial under a lot of circumstances. For instance:

  • Solar panels can produce a surprising amount of electricity. The amount of electricity generated can vary depending on several factors, including the type of solar panel, the number of panels in the system and the amount of sunlight available. Generally speaking, a typical solar panel system can produce enough electricity to take care of at least half your home’s energy needs. When adding a solar panel system to your home you get bids from multiple companies and compare the results. The solar company you interview should provide an estimate of how much power their system is going to produce based on annual statistics the company knows from some different factors: the weather in your area, the angle of your roof, and its orientation to the sun. These factors will determine the size of your system and how much electricity, on average, it will produce each year.
  • Solar panels can help you save on energy costs. Electricity is not getting any cheaper. A solar panel system that takes care of half your home’s energy needs will mean you pay around half your average electricity bill – for as long as the system is functional, which can be decades. The more energy you save, the quicker the solar panel system pays for itself. Believe it or not, it is possible you will not have an electricity bill at all when you have solar panels. Read here for more energy saving tips around the home.

  • Biggest benefits tied to how expensive energy costs range in your area. Not surprisingly those homeowners who have the largest current electricity bills are going to reap the most significant benefits for adding solar power to their home.

Solar Panel Systems – Buying vs. Leasing

As exciting as it can be to imagine cutting your electricity costs in half and reducing your carbon footprint, the costs associated with installing a solar panel system can be sobering. The same average solar panel system that brings all the above benefits also tends to cost $15,000 – $20,000, an expense that not every homeowner has the money for.

Many solar panel companies have introduced a way for homeowners to get the solar panel system the way without needing to come up with the money up-front. Instead of buying, you can lease a system. You sign an agreement that you will pay a regular fee for the use of your solar panels for the next 15 years or more.

The Trouble With Leasing For Sellers

While leasing a system can seem like a perfect arrangement, doing so can create an awkward situation when you decide to sell the home. Breaking your lease with the solar panel company will usually result in you being charged the full bill for the 15 years of usage you agreed to, which can come out to $15,000 or more. You are selling the home, so you obviously do not want to continue to pay for the use of the solar panels. You also don’t want to be stuck with a $15,000 bill. The only option left is to see if you can transfer the lease to the buyer of your home.

As you can imagine, many consumers are hesitant to take over a 15-year lease. They may be worried about the credit requirements of the solar panel company, or they may just not feel comfortable committing to such a long-term agreement on top of all the other stresses of purchasing a home. There have been numerous deals that have fallen through over solar panel lease transfers, and there are likely to be much more. As an owner and a seller, you want to be aware of these issues before you lease a solar panel system, or attempt to sell your home after you have signed such a contract. One thing that must be emphasized is an appraiser will not add any value to a property that has a leased solar panel system! Appraisers cannot increase the value of something that is not permanent to the structure.

How Solar Panels Affect The Market Value Of A Home

Will solar panels increase or decrease the value of my home?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of articles written by solar panel companies that talk about the way their products increase the value of a home, but in the real world, the growth in value is not nearly as clear-cut. A solar panel system may add value to your home, or it may be an addition that fails to increase the price of your home enough to make it worth the initial investment.

Several factors will impact how much value a solar panel system adds to your home. This includes:

What kind of market exists.

Different housing markets react to solar panel systems differently. A home with a solar panel system in environmentally-friendly Portland, OR, will probably appeal to a wide range of buyers. Buyers in the Portland area tend to desire eco additions like solar. In contrast, a home in Odessa, TX, with a solar panel system may be far less appealing to the average local buyer. Odessa is an oil town, not known for its attachment to environmental issues. Here in my area of Southborough Massachusetts, I have seen a very negligible gain in market value for those who install a solar panel system to their home.

In fact, I have run into a few homeowners who believe that the 30,000 – $40,000 they spent on their solar panel system can be added to the asking price of their home. Sorry fat chance! By doing so, your home will be overpriced which is the kiss of death in real estate sales. The problem that’s occurring is far too many sellers believe these solar companies slick advertising.

They also go online and see a myriad of articles written by solar companies expounding on how they will increase the value of your home. This is akin to going online and thinking a Zillow home value is actually what your home is worth. Don’t make me giggle.

Of course some sellers also mistakenly believe that every improvement made to their home brings back at least as much as they have spent. Folks, people that think this way learn the hard way.

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