Bahria Town in Karachi launching with icon tower: Every Real Estate Investor Rejoice!

Rab Bea 23/05/2017

There is no better way to invest your money than investing it in property or real estate and knowing the news about Bahria Town in Karachi launching with icon tower will make your investment desire go nuts. You may know Karachi from the news, and I am pretty sure that the news that you have been watching about this city is never good. However, for the past years, the situation in Karachi has been developing at a great speed towards the betterment of this place. Therefore, there have been many investors from all over the world who want to invest their money developing this place into something modern and better.

Why you should be happy with the news of Bahria Town in Karachi launching with icon tower

One of the reasons why you need to be happy with the news of Bahria Town in Karachi launching with icon tower is because Bahria Town has been one of the grand places for investor and real estate developers to meet and develop their asset. Thus, it is no wonder that this place has been experiencing a major development compared to other places in the same city.

Therefore, with the news about Bahria Town in Karachi launching with icon tower, many investors, including you will be very happy because finally there is another place that is being built at this place. This means that the chance for this area developing into something better is increasing, and this also means that the price of the land in this area will be much higher than it used to be.

For those who have been wondering about what kind of iconic tower that will be built in this area, one of the brochures that you can find online mentioned that this iconic tower will have more than fifty floors. This number of floors that the tower has makes the tower one of the tallest building in the country. From it, the residents of this tower can see the beauty and the scenic wonder of Pakistan from the highest place in the town. Thus, it is not uncommon to see numbers of real estate agent and property brokers feeling happy when they hear the news on Bahria Town in Karachi launching with icon tower.

So, what you are waiting for? If you want to invest your money, you should check the surrounding place where the Bahria Town in Karachi launching with icon tower is located. The price might be low at first and the place might not look like much. However, as soon as the tower has finished building, you will see that your investment will be paid off.


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How properties boosting in Islamabad should make investor like you happy

Rab Bea 23/05/2017

This article will deal with how investing your money in property in Islamabad will give you benefit, especially after the properties boosting in Islamabad project by the government. Real estate has been one of the best investment methods that one may need to try if he or she wants to have a perfect life after they get retired. In fact, you do not have to wait until you retire if you want to taste the fruit of investing your money in real estate or property business.

Therefore, If you want to invest your money in property, you may need to consider Islamabad as a city in which you need to invest your money. Based on the real estate research, there have been a major development in this city that will encourage properties boosting in Islamabad.

Learn about properties boosting in Islamabad here and now!

You may think that investing your money in Pakistan is not a good idea because there have been a lot of real estate experts who say that Pakistan is a place where property investment does not work because most of the areas in the country are degrading and become slump. However, thanks to the government project, there are a lot of major improvement in the country, especially in Islamabad, which will promote properties boosting in Islamabad. Thus, if you are interested in spending your money for investment, the city of Islamabad is ready for you. However, before you begin investing, you need to know into where you should put your money.

Gold Crest Tower is one of the best properties boosting in Islamabad

With many available places and areas in where you can invest your money, you may need to look at the Gold Crest Tower and its surrounding area as your starter of the investment. Gold Crest is one of the progressing projects made by a company that is based in UAE, the Al-Ghurair Giga Pakistan. With the construction beginning to start, this place will be a good place for investment in the future. However, if your budget is limited in the core of this place, you should invest your money in the surrounding area. The price may be cheap now, but as soon as the properties boosting in Islamabad is working, that place will sell like hot cakes with a premium price. Therefore, you should not wait to invest your money there and wait for the benefits coming to you as soon as the Gold Crest tower is finished.



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Big impact of CPEC in Pakistan Investment

Rab Bea 07/05/2017

There are several big impacts of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC in Pakistan investment which has been formed since 2014. Chinese government is interested in demographic of Pakistan which is valued to be giant natural resource. Pakistan is a country with many potentials and Chinese team want to build a good teamwork based on construction and building field.

CPEC has formed some big projects in ten years later, such as Karakoram highway and Peshawar-Kabul highway. This project was discussed in the first time when Pakistani President visited China to discuss about further plans. After that, full scopes of project proposal were formed and some research from Chinese team in Pakistan was conducted. So, CPEC in Pakistan investment is definitely bringing several big impacts for both countries. This article may provide you some information about big impacts of CPEC in Pakistan.

Gwadar Port Project was the first impact of CPEC in Pakistan investment

Project proposal of Gwadar Port was formed since long time ago when CPEC made the first agreement. The building construction was collected in 2002 and the project had been done in 2007. Now Gwadar Port is going to be expanded soon because China has made a request about this plan since two years ago. Business trading in Gwadar based on water transportation has contributed numerous impacts for economic growth in both China and Pakistan.

CPEC in Pakistan Investment had helped to build a railway in Peshawar

CPEC in Pakistan Investment is also has upcoming agenda by enhancing the investment to build a railway between Peshawar and Karachi. People in Pakistan need more public transportation due to population growth that has increased time to time.

Karakoram Highway was a vital way of trading business in Pakistan

Pakistan and China called for Karakoram highway projects in 2010. Though the target was in January 2017, but Karakoram has not been finished yet because the reconstruction was forced to stop due to flood in Pakistan. Then, this project has been continued until 2017. After Karakoram highway has been opened for public way, this important way has become the main road for trading and investment activity in Pakistan. CPEC in Pakistan Investment was really helpful for Pakistani to improve their business upward.

Based on this article, I can conclude that Pakistan is a good country to invest. All of infrastructure in Pakistan are good and the administration board of finance minister allow its resident, Pakistani, and foreign people to put money and investment there. This kind of relationship between Pakistan and other country, which is CPEC in Pakistan Investment, can increase country income significantly.

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Trading and Investment in Pakistan

Rab Bea 07/05/2017

inventions and improvements in this field are always the first contribution of country income. Trading and investment become the huge impact for money circulation in a country and a great help to maintain economic sector. It is also a tool to prevent inflation and deflation.

There five advantages if you want to join and become one of people who do trading and investment in Pakistan. You may want to read about it first before you decide to be one of stakeholders here. Here we are.

Investment in Pakistan is profitable

You may have several questions about doing trading and investment in Pakistan. Don’t worry. Pakistan has a lot of interesting fields of business such as constructions, exporting business, importing business, and staple food supplies. If you are interested to become one of stakeholder in Pakistan, you can start with joining in building and construction because Pakistan has developed a lot of public transportations.

Pakistan offers conducive environment for trading activity

Finance minister of Pakistan once mentioned that Pakistan has conducive environment of trading and investment activity. Pakistani market’s assets are various so that resident of Pakistan themselves and international investor can do healthy competition in doing business.

Foreign investment in Pakistan is promising

If you work in multinational company outside Pakistan, there is a big opportunity in building a business relation with Pakistan. Foreign investment in Pakistan has opened widely to overcome and rise up Pakistan’s growth in economic field.

Pakistan is developing country

As developing country with a lot of natural resources, Pakistan has been targeted by most of industrial countries like China, Japan, and Russia. The natural resources in Pakistan need to be processed through good and qualified technology and Pakistan itself doesn’t have proper tools to do it. So, we can know that Pakistan makes a good connection with several bigger countries.

The exchange of Dollar to Pakistan rupee is not really high

The exchange rate between Pakistan rupee and dollar is not very high so that trading and investment in Pakistan is balanced and low-risk level. In 2017, exchange rate of dollar in Pakistan rupee is around 104.81 and this amount is stand still during latest months.

For those who want to do trading and investment in Pakistan, they cannot be happier because Pakistan is profitable business field. Many sectors in economic area of Pakistan is still developed and built so that people who become stakeholder there can get a lot of benefits.


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Land for sale in Pakistan: where and how you can find it

Rab Bea 07/05/2017

Where and how we can find a land for sale in Pakistan now becomes most frequently asked question in Pakistan, a country which is near to Afghanistan. Fortunately, there is a lot of portal website available which is providing various choices to live in Pakistan.

To find the best land for sale in Pakistan, all we need is spare time to seek for information and to do research so that we can get the land for sale based on our current need. You don’t have to be confused because of this activity because some portals are now completed with customer service which is standby for twenty-four hours per day. Asking for suggested place to rent or buy is allowed before taking the transaction. There are some information that might be very useful for you, if you want to buy land in Pakistan. Here we go.

Land for sale in Pakistan includes residential plot in Dubai city

Dubai has a lot of land for sale in Pakistan with various prices that can be suited for every customer. There are more than 200 lands for sale areas which can be bought or rent by local citizen and even a newcomer from other country worldwide.

There is Land for sale in Pakistan based on price and common filter

To buy land for sale in Pakistan, you have to deal with the price you want. The strategy is you must to be a little picky. Don’t get too excited when you find a land for sale with very cheap price. Do a deeper and further research about it, because I believe you don’t want to regret it if the land is far from mainland city of Pakistan. You can filter the characteristics of place you want to such as location, facilities nearby and others.

Land for sale in Pakistan is classified as premium and regular shipping

Some websites provide two main choice of customer in buying land for sale in Pakistan. Premium shipping is available for people who want to buy land near to city. The facilities are varied. Besides, regular shipping is available for customers who want to buy a residential plot and not going to use it soon. The place is a bit far from localization.

Those are several information you need to know before planning to buy or rent land for sale in Pakistan. I do hope this article may be a great help for you. For further information, you can directly go to the websites in internet. Please be a smart customer and check the eligibility of the company before you deal with it.

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Getting started to do promising business of Properties in Pakistan

Rab Bea 07/05/2017

Getting started to do promising business of properties in Pakistan is proposed by a lot of start-up companies in the country. As we know, technology is kind of uprising thing in the world which make us get an easy access to do anything we like.

One of advantages by doing start up business of properties in Pakistan is we can easily become a seller, buyer, contractor, or shareholding. We may do two of those choices as well as we can based on our current need, position, and of course capability. Pakistan has a lot of business sectors which still improved until today because the economy growth in this country is really awesome. You will fall behind your competitors for not getting into this promising business too. If you are interested to join properties business, here are the available choices of position.

Properties in Pakistan are ready for rent

Both local citizens and immigrants from other countries are allowed to rent properties in Pakistan. This is a good opportunity for business field. If you are one of the people who have properties for rent, you might start to do several researches to find a proper portal of properties for you. You can put your advertisement in the website so that local citizens and immigrants could find your properties which are ready for rent.

Bookmark your favorite properties in Pakistan

You can also mark the properties you want to buy or rent. This might be a little tricky because you may want to buy properties with low budget and sell or rent it with higher price. Finding the low-cost properties but still has a good quality is something hard to do. Diligent and hardworking are the key of it. Once you find appropriate properties to buy, you can redecorate it and sell it again to public in order to get some benefits.

Be a project holding of properties business

Are you too lazy to do research and negotiation? This is the position you need to take. Project holding in business of properties in Pakistan is quite rare because it is such a risky job to do, but the advantages and profits seem so promising.

How is it? Are you interested in becoming one of stakeholder in Pakistan? Business of properties in Pakistan is such a promising future for people who are capable to perform entrepreneur activities. It is somewhat a good opportunity to start a career in economic field, right?

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Pick the best Real estate in Pakistan

Rab Bea 07/05/2017

Picking the best real estate in Pakistan could be an easy thing to do nowadays. According to new development projects here, Real estate in Pakistan has improved significant economy growth in the country because it has bright future to be taken into. With a lot of big city in Pakistan, such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, real estate is an ideal place to live and to be perfect commodity.

Based on several sites in the internet, real estate in Pakistan has been already widely spread in around the country. So, if you want to choose some of them, you can easily go online and find the best real estate which is suitable for you.

First real estate in Pakistan is located in Lahore

As a main city, Lahore has developed a number of real estate in Pakistan. A significant number of investment in living places business has firstly developed here. Some purchasing and selling activity happen here because Lahore is best known by its impressive localities such as Central Park, Askari, and Johar Town.

Karachi is the city with a lot of real estate in Pakistan

Karachi can be mentioned as a city which always be developed. Many buildings and transportation sectors are combined here. Even in the last ten years, Karachi has built a beautiful circular railway to support people whose jobs are around Bahria and Gullistan. Real estate in Pakistan, especially Karachi, has been built to maintain the business in this city.

Islamabad real estate is also interesting choice for you

Islamabad, a capital city of Pakistan, offers a lot of real estate design with various costs, start from the lowest until the highest price. People can also choose by the quality and properties served by the real estate company here. Real estate in Pakistan, especially in Islamabad has various facilities to be taken. You can choose real estate near to mall and supermarket or real estate near to government services. So, it is good for specific people which have jobs and need to be fulfilled by proper accommodation.

There are some of places in Pakistan which has beautiful real estate and strategic location. If you are wondering where to go or where to live here, real estate in Pakistan is the best choice for you. You also can do online booking without any bother to come directly in order to check for facilities. Several websites in internet has been designed to be the best source to give you whole information about it. Find and choose the real estate as well as you want in Pakistan.

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Upcoming projects due to new development in Pakistan

Rab Bea 07/05/2017

As a well-developed country, there a lot of upcoming project due to new development in Pakistan. This country, which is located near to India, has over one hundred and eighty thousand citizens and equivalent to 2.7% of world population. Pakistan has wide area, approximately eight hundred thousand kilometers and most of them is flatland so that they could be developed more in industrial and energy field. According to its demographic, Pakistan has a lot of potential to be developed.

Since 2000’2, Pakistan has developed many kind of construction in industrial and city buildings. But, at the end of 2011, this country has started to focus on transportation for public and power station regarding to the growth rate of the population that reach up to 3% a year. These following projects are several parts of new development in Pakistan.

Karachi circular railway as part of new development in Pakistan

Circular railway in Karachi has build since 2010 and demand finished in 2030. Twenty years target of this establishment is associated to the government of Online Range Metro, Punjab, is formed to be the biggest railway in Pakistan. As one of new development in Pakistan, Karachi circular railway is supported by Asian Development Bank and Sindh government in both fundamental construction and funding source.

New development in Pakistan includes Peshawar-Kabul Highway

Ishaq Dar, the finance minister of Pakistan, has made a proposal in building Peshawar-Kabul highway to World Bank and fortunately this project is accepted very well. Dal has explained that Pakistan want to start a sustainable economic development and need a lot of support from World Bank. Initiated by building an energy sector near to Kabul, Peshawar-Kabul highway will be built soon. The cost needed is up to thirty billion dollars.

Jaglot-Skardu Road Project is going to be realized soon

The approval of Jaglot-Skardu project as part of new development in Pakistan is given by The National Highway Authority (NHA) and the estimated cost provided is up to thirty billion rupees. This significant amount of fund is based on proposal of Islamabad board of government. China even became the ally to help serving the equipments needed on this project.

Having a lot of development in infrastructure like that, Pakistan is crawling step by step to be one of important countries in Asia. As we know, Pakistanis are kind of insisted and reliable people. So, I highly believe that in around ten years, this country can be a vital contribution in the world based on the new development in Pakistan.


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