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Lahore: Ring Road Southern Loop and SUI GAS Soiciety Phase 2

RealEstate Agent 01/02/2018

Sui Gas Society Phase 2

Positioned at Main Raiwind road. The Phase 2 of Sui Gas Officers Cooperative Housing, is located among the city’s top housing societies nearby.

Phase 2

Ring Road Southern Loop (SL III)

The Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop (SL III) has started proving advantageous for the housing societies, as a result prices have started increasing there.

Furthermore, Sui Gas Phase Society PH2 is just 2 km away from its main interchange at Adda Plot and because of it, it is about to start reaping the linked benefits 0f it.

Hence, the SL III is a major development. In conclusion, seems like its development pace will create a major difference in investments and especially property trade in the future…

As a major production facility, Sui Gas Field hosts the country’s largest gas compressor station and a purification plant.

Despite diminishing reserves over time, Sui Gas Field still remains one of the largest natural gas producing field in Pakistan. It contributes substantially to the country’s requirements with daily production of around 421 MMcf.

Sui gas field accounts for 6% of Pakistan’s gas production. Remaining reserves are estimated to be at about 2 trillion cubic feet (57×109 m3) and the daily production is around 604 million cubic feet (17.1×106 m3)

Law and order situation in Balochistan is a matter for concern for PPL. Repeated attacks on supply lines of natural gas has become an order of the day. Chief of Army Staff Ashfaq Pervez Kayani has ordered that Frontier Corps (FC) will take charge of Sui gas fields and army soldiers will be withdrawn from all over the province.


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Poor HR policies cause low investments in Pakistan

RealEstate Agent 24/01/2018


Lahore: Due to government flaws, investments in Pakistan remain difficult to achieve.

Skewed tax rates, bad governance and corruption are some of the policies that cause all this low interesting on investments.

Also, the cost of production increases if the manufacturers fail to provide comfortable workspace to their workers.

Working in low quality conditions reduces productivity and the results are seen in the final cost of a product.

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